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Virtual Events

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed new ways to support our clients when in-person events weren’t possible. We gained a lot of knowledge and experience very quickly and discovered how online events can lower barriers to entry for attendees, bringing those who are geographically separated together efficiently, and reaching a broader audience-- one that may be different from the traditional Gala attendee.

  • Use our extensive knowledge of available platforms and technologies to provide recommendations on the best tools to achieve your event goals

  • Develop fundraising strategy approaches for event sponsorship, ticket pricing, appeal integration, and other revenue-generating opportunities

  • Design a fundraising campaign centered around your virtual event that highlights the organization’s triumphs and underscores your case for support 

  • Advise on development of the run of show for your virtual program using available technologies to maximize guest engagement and fundraising avenues

  • Assist with development of all outreach and solicitation materials, whether Digital or hard copy

  • Coordinate and lead event rehearsals and individual run throughs with program participants as needed

  • Oversee implementation of event acting as "control room” for all virtual elements

  • Work with staff to determine roles and responsibilities during virtual event - ensuring guest engagement and communication is prioritized

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