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We know your needs are greater than ever and myriad sources of funding are in question. Based on current news and projections, this will continue to be the case for at least the next few months necessitating the development  of new fundraising strategies to keep your organization healthy and vibrant. Fortunately, we at BLB Consulting have spent the last few months diving deeply into available technologies to help clients design unique fundraising campaigns capitalizing on the virtual resources available. I am pleased to tell you that I think we have some valuable insight to offer your organization to help you navigate the virtual landscape.

That landscape is broad and offers many opportunities to engage with your supporters in new ways. These are not limited to formal virtual events since that is not necessarily the “right” option for every organization right now. Is your goal to bring together your community? Celebrate your leadership? Strictly to raise funds? How much engagement do you want with your attendees? Should you charge a “ticket” price? Is there an opportunity for sponsorships? What’s the best platform to use?  These are just the beginning of the questions we’ve started to address as we forge paths through this new time for fundraisers. 

We would love to discuss your needs, goals, and questions and help strategize the best path forward for your organization. 

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